In years of working we have, with a professional approach and execution, obtained and furnished many buildings, in Slovenia and in Italy.

· Rižan water supply Koper d.o.o.

· Istrabenz gas d.o.o.

· Musical school Koper

· Institute of health safety Koper

· Coastal pharmacies Koper

· Commune Izola

· Komunala Izola

· Local community Piran

· Health center Lucija

· Student dorm Portorož

· Barbers Koper

· Mehanotehnika

· Library Srečko Vilhar Koper

· Jewler Butuči

· Restaurant Pavel Piran

· Estate agency SAVOIA

· Estate agency ABACO

· Edilbertiolese snc

· Orion S.p.A.

· Avant costruzioni s.r.l.

· Stratex S.p.A.

· Many personal buildings in Slovenia and Italy