• Sekcijska garažna vrataodlična rešitev za vsako garažo
  • Rolo garažna vratavam omogočajo, da vam na voljo ostane ves prostor pod stropom
  • Dvižna garažna vratakakovost in varnost, videz in udobje ter domišljena tehnika
We offer a wide variety of garage doors of high quality, safety and reliability, that fit your lifestyle and the visual look of your home. Our products are distinguished by their modern technology, comfort, elegant design, safety and optimal room usage. The doors are fully motorized and have the option of remote control, eliminating the need to get out of the car when parking. In case of a power outage, they can be manually opened with the help of a rope or winch. We can make the movement of the flap safer by installing a photocell. Safety is ensured by installing a safety system with integrated pressure sensor, so that when encountering an obstacle the doors stop, preventing possible injuries. Impeccable construction from excellent materials allows for silent working, safety, burglary protection and long life span of the product. The innovative design offers simple automated managing by integrated motor. The material is a high quality aluminum that is resistant to serious weather conditions, guarantees carefree long term use. A wide variety of RAL colors or wood imitation, will please the taste of anyone.