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Windows made combining wood and aluminum offer all the advantages of both materials.

Wood is a live material, it offers the best thermal isolation and living comfort. It adapts to the weather conditions, it absorbs and emits humidity, adjusting the humidity levels in the room.

Aluminum on the outside protects the wooden surface from the unfavorable weather conditions, and at the same time it gives the window a modern look. Such windows fit perfectly with modern building trends. With the aluminum mask out the outside, you can completely adjust the appearance of the window according to the design of the building, and at the same time choose the tint of the wood according to the equipment of the room, making it suitable both for new buildings as for restored buildings. That makes the window suitable for larger modern buildings, that require a harmony between the building design, and equipment. Rooms furnished with ALU-wood windows, offer comfortable living, and at the same time positively affect on the health and well-being of people.